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PILAN heat exchangers LIQUID – AIR are the coolers that require air for cooling, where we don’t have water, the air is produced with a fan.

They take advantage of special aluminum fins, and fine wall copper tubes, which increase the contact area, and producing a better exchangeability between the liquid, oil or water, and the air.

These heat exchangers are made of;

Copper tubes, aluminum fins and a steel sheet covering, the engines have aluminum fan and electrical IP-65 protection, silver solder and hold a maximum pressure to 10 bars.

These 4 types of heat exchangers are built for 0 to 130 liters/min. and with electrical connections 220V- 12V-24V and 400V three phase for big models, all models have adjustable thermostat from 0 to 120ºC.

These heat exchangers have the inlet port down to be always full of liquid and to be a better performance.

Application fields, Injection molding machines, plastic and rubber machines, machine tools, transportation and earth movers, mobile hydraulic systems, wind power, etc. always where water cannot to be used and you need air to cool the liquid.

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